Sourcing candidates with Beetween

The different sourcing methods with your Beetween ATS

We offer several sourcing methods within Beetween. You’ll find most of them in your recruitments, in the Sourcing tab.

Sourcing Apec

Apec does not offer a sourcing tool as such. However, this essential platform for executive profiles provides recruiters with a high-performance matching tool.

By using Apec matching, you’ll easily find talent that matches your search.

You can then easily integrate your selection into Beetween, either by importing the profiles directly (drag & drop CV import, email import…) or by going to their LinkedIn profile and using our Linkedin sourcing tool, which we discuss in the next paragraph.

LinkedIn sourcing

With our recruitment software, you can import candidates from their LinkedIn profile with a single click.

Go to your chosen profile and activate Beetween Sourcing. A pop-up window will ask you to specify which recruitment you wish to integrate the candidate into?

Sourcing Meteojob

A well-known job board, Meteojob boasts a CV database of over 1.5 million candidate profiles, enabling you to find your ideal candidate.

As Meteojob is a paid job board, sourcing on this platform is only available as an option.
However, if you would like to take advantage of an introductory offer, don’t hesitate!

Sourcing HRmatch

As an advanced matching tool developed by Cleverconnect, HRmatch also allows you to launch this advanced search on its own database, comprising over 4 million CVs!

Like Meteojob sourcing, HRmatch is available as an option.

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